...Thalerus offers the ability to do punchouts...link clients directly from their computers to a vendor’s website for direct, fast, easy ordering of products preapproved by the institution’s purchasing department...
Thalerus is very customer-service oriented, ...is constantly upgrading the software to make it better.
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Jennifer Mikolas
Coastal Office Solutions
Independent Dealer March 2023

...Thalerus's VIBENet solutions have helped to streamline processes in a number of areas, including real-time delivery confirmations through V-Track; tax calculation through Avalara integration; punchout catalog integrations for clients...
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Elena Sirpolaidis
EON Today's Office
Independent Dealer March 2021

...The biggest game changer for IQ has been the inventory module... Thalerus embeds inventory directly into the IQ supply chain and manages inventory counts, keeps track of inventory locations in the warehouse, print pick tikets and handles transfers...
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Levi Scott
IQ Total Source
Independent Dealer March 2020

...The four modules readily share data and the system performs accounting functions such as accounts receivables. All the data is integrated so there is no need for a separate accounting system...
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Daniel Benjamin
Benjamin Office Supply & Services
Independent Dealer March 2019

..."The website is fantastic," says Hoffman. "It provides pretty much all the features you could want - purchase authorization, product images, pricing availability, and more."...
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Jay Hoffman
Eagle Office Products LLC
Independent Dealer March 2018

..."This system pulls correctly and fixes everything right away," she adds. "The supply chain runs so much better from the purchasing side. It is quicker and more integrated."...
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Christina Gandara
Pencil Cup Office Products, Inc.
Independent Dealer March 2017

...A lot of businesses spend time on the back end when invoices come in and an accounting person codes them to enter the invoices into their system. Thalerus offers opportunities for triple cost allocations...
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Ryan Puccinelli
Owner of IQ Total Source
Independent Dealer March 2016

...With Thalerus' help, we were able to seamlessly complete these tasks and have uninterrupted service to our new customers. In addition, we had to create a new warehouse, supply chain sources and route codes...
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Steve Berdinis
President of Bishop's Office Needs

We are thankful for the decision we made to partner with Thalerus Group. We are very pleased with how everything progressed from training to implementation.

Nicole Lancto
CEO of Craft Office Systems

I love the flexibility we have with the design of the VIBENet Webstore. There are so many design options that we can use. It is wonderful to be able to add additional Custom Categories and make them visible on the Webstore. This is great for us as we expand the product selection we want to offer our online customers.

Birgit Romo
San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind