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PCI Compliant
Service Provider

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Customizable webstore

A modern e-commerce site that you can customize however you want

SEO ready

Improve organic search results by modifying URL, page title, and meta data

Website security

Add strong password, two-factor authentication, and force password change as needed

PCI compliant

As a PCI compliant vendor, we ensures data security of your credit card transactions

Punchout support

Connect two ERPs and initiate various types of business transactions

Cloud-based ERP

Robust full system with sales, purchasing, accounting, and shipment tracking all integrated into one

Helpful reports

More than 270 reports available in various format and you can even create customized report

Robust supply chain

Rule based fulfillment logic handling the most complex purchasing scenarios

Mobile POD

Capture signature with mobile device and get real-time update

Advanced buy-side features

Coupon, budget, group order, gift card, buying lists, volume discount, etc.

Advanced Billing System

Ship complete, bill complete, summary invoice, statements, etc.

Collection dashboard

Insightful dashboard giving you an in-depth overview of open collections

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What our clients are saying

EON Office

Their technology was at the forefront of our needs and of market trends...

Elena Sirpolaidis
EON Today's Office

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IQ Total Source

...Thalerus is very receptive to feedback and suggestions for updates...

Levi Scott
IQ Total Source

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Benjamin Office Supply

...I feel like we really have a leg up because Thalerus has been ahead of the competition, not only in e-commerce capabilities... It just feels like I am a step ahead...

Daniel Benjamin
Benjamin Office Supply

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Craft Office System

...We are thankful for the decision we made to partner with Thalerus Group. We are very pleased with how everything progressed from training to implementation...

Nicole Lancto
Craft Office Systems

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Corporate Office


The Thalerus Group
1280 Iroquois Ave
Suite 300
Naperville, IL 60563

Phone 630.955.9990

Fax 630.955.1876


Hours Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST)


The Thalerus TCSS is the fastest, most effective way to get an answer to any question you may have or to bring an issue to the attention of Thalerus Customer Service. TCSS provides an easy communication tool that allows you to track any topic to resolution.